Hello all you beautiful people.

Now now, here's the deal, I have been given my art exam paper and I am currently formulating ideas for the final piece. My stimulus (ooh er) is... billboard

Now I have this plan of making a large er..billboard (yes yes original) or more, shall we say, wall hanging. And I want to change the world with it basically. Ala tracey emin I want to embroider and sew words and statements onto it. I want to delve into your wonderful creative minds and see what your answers are to the questions in this poll. There are only three questions. And they're not life changing questions either. But they will make all the difference to me, and I would be eternally grateful if you could take a moment to fill them out, preferably being as honest and personal as you can.

What is likely to happen is that your answers will be sewn onto this wall hanging and become a piece of (so-pretentiously-called) 'art'.
I'm then going to go to the city and hang it up in various places and take photos of it and generally see what people's reactions are and so forth.

I need as many people as possible to fill it out. So tell your friends, link it in an lj entry, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN KIDS!

Post anonymously if you are more comfortable, you will not be named on the final piece, and all identities will of course be kept private to the outside world.

And it doesn't have to be serious guys, just real. Nor do answers have to be in English.

Last of all,
thank you for all your help. You are all ridiculously generous for helping me. Any favours you need, you know where to come!

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oh aren't you all lovely?
i want to do this so much
and by god the new canon camera...*drool*
who wouldn't?
don't listen to the critics about Hard Candy either, i thought it was bloody brilliant.
and brick too, which they are right in saying will be a cult classic.

now begins a time i suppose, where i really have to knuckle down and work. i need to get stuff together for my portfolio, if i've got any hope of getting into any of these wonderful art universities. i'm hoping to take dress-making classes in september, so i can go to uni already knowing how to make clothes. maybe that will help?

love to all.
more soon, have finished simon's book and its all ready for the showing.
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life at the moment is currently made up of:

* hugs and kisses from lovely people

* people picking me up all the time which is very fun :) (and i mean picking up as in, lifting me in the air ;p)

* my deputy head thinking i've 'gone off the rails' because i have red streaks in my hair and a nose stud. good lord. the rebellion is almost unbearable.

* manically working to get my first module of art done for next week. OH THE PRESSURE.

* secret photographic society outings

* new friendships with truly excellent people

* prancing about on tiny stages and knitting backstage and missing cues ;)

* late night rehearsals in old warehouses for said productions

* obsessions with the band 'stars' and particularly the song 'your ex-lover is dead'

* making books. everywhere. getting ridiculous. there are like 5 on the go now.

* the first scratchings of a zine

* poetry and insomnia, fusing in the early hours

* lust for life

* lust to make my life like a movie. i feel like being outrageous. which is a bit difficult in this sleepy chav infested town.

* loving norwich though. think i might try to go to norwich school of art and design, for a foundation diploma in art and design. then off to london. norwich is full of galleries, flea markets, arty bars and playhouses. and the school is either side of a river. the studios have acres of glass windows looking out onto it. i could live there. ;) hide under the canvases.

miss and love you all
letters are still coming
i haven't forgotten.
i know i'm so late.
they will come though.
and lots of presents to make up for the lateness.

my latest obsession is making fabric chains.
(fabric/ribbons wound round foam links. to make chains)

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hello fabulous persons. this is the elf dropping in to wish you all a truly gorgeous christmas. i'm sorry i haven't been around for some of you as much as i should have been towards the latter half of this year. mainly the people i haven't written back to in letters, (particularly: turnedoffneon, citydancer, allegria, cara_mia, letmebeloved and giantessmess and september_frost i promise you will get things from me honey! i love you all very much and i promise in the new year i'm getting it all sorted out. i've been introverting a little over the past months which is both ridiculous and silly. and i'm out of it now. so you will all get long overdue mail and pressies. particularly turnedoffneon as she is fabulous and has a letter about 3/4 of a year overdue 0.0 i know. i'm really awful).
AND ROBIN MY GOD I LOVE YOU HONEY. i keep forgetting to email or lose your emails but i have lots of pretty things ready to go out to you in the new year and i'm thinking of you. also jade and em as there has been a distinct lack of emails/texts to you, but i love you as much as i always did and i promise my contact will step up in the new year. PACKAGES FOR ALL.
i am hoping for a sewing machine from santa and if i get it i shall launch my clothes making inspiration on it and hopefully become a genius at break neck speed (unlikely). it also means that lots of textiles like things shall arrive in the post if all goes well.
i am getting very heavily into art now and have now changed my photo wall to the 'art and photo wall' yes very original. i would love to do some arty swaps with those of you interested, say textiles goods for arty goods i don't know hehe. i'd just really love to cover this wall:
Image hosted by
with art and interesting things.
also, shriney thing i made.
Image hosted by

and remember the theatre i talked about aaaages ago? that i was going to make? FINISHED! i'm really happy with it and as soon as i can i'll get photos.

much love to you all and a happy christmas/celebration of your religion
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any of you fabulous people on myspace? i have a very minimal amount of friends and would love to be friends with any of you if you're on there, my name is alicat980562 but if you want to just comment with your name i'll friend request you, whichever way suits. i doubt anyone will comment but its worth a try ;)
love billy no mates
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Well hello there you pretty young things, i am feeling rather fabulous and i have no idea why. it is late though so i am also feeling rather sleepy and shan't be here much longer, but a small picture post before i go:

bah lj cuts. forgot about those.

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made by space blossom of eyecontasia and

you wouldn't recognize me now...i'm not who i used to be

hah well that was weird, just came onto the new lj and saw all the crazy changes and thought someone had bought me a paid account without me noticing! damn cool all these crazy things though *messes about*
well i'm here, i'm actually really good, it doesn't hurt anymore, it sort of numbed off after a couple of days. i'm starting to really not care at all, i've started talking to him again so we're not at loggerheads anymore. and i'm just in the process of forgetting him now. simon and i went to an audition a week ago for chrysalis arts festival productions of alice in wonderland and a load of other stuff. i volunteered to help design and make the costumes aswell so hopefully something will come out of that. i'm very excited about going back because the people are wonderful. i'm hoping against hope that i got into alice in wonderland, but the acting talent was so so high. oh well, i can but try. there's a guy called sebastian who is damn amusing and is entirely 'the funk' (new saying to annoy everyone). more on this when anything develops. i had to be a tractor though, which i've wasted no time in telling anyone who will listen. i think it sounds very impressive ;)
my new found love of art is taking over the world, i am more and more determined to attack st martins in london and demand they take me and ciara into their arty/fashion designy bosom and create bright young things out of us. a photo post soon i feel. of current projects, finished projects (yes i do finish some things i promise!!)... <3
ongoing things at present:

art sketchbook, fabric/sewing/based on colour/silly drawings of rubber ducks/tye dyeing at school, which makes my fingers inky. i like to wave them in people's faces and shout loooooooook rather pointlessly.

'landered gentry' outfit, the dress code for simon's birthday party, for which the invitations were of an infinitely beautiful standard. a googleplex of amazingness if i may say so. current components are a tweed skirt that was my mothers, comes up to the waist which is quite frightening and almost dita von teese like, contemplating trying to make it hip-y, or just living with the waistness. and i'm going to attach baubles. because it is nearly christmas and the vintage charity shop baubles should be out in force if all goes well. a ruffled shirt too ala victorians. i'm hoping. and court shoes. cos everybody loves a bit of court.

birthday presents for the following: simon, em, becky

christmas presents for everrrrrryone really.

letters (i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry, they're coming! holly yours is almost done, i keep taking it into school and working on it when i should be listening to lectures ;p)

journals (but of course! pictures sometime)

scrapbook, oh its a beauty, how i love it.

pics pics pics coming soon. new haircut too. hair was pink for a brief time, ie: one day, but the dye ran out. it should have lasted 6-8 weeks i don't understand it. depression to the highest degree.

it's time to artify the life ladies and gents, and i mean it this time. i'm having a clear out, i've had enough of just trundling along. i'm gearing myself up to try and take the world by storm (heh yeah, so gonna happen) ;) wish me luck?

(and how are you all, i love you all very much, you are too good to me)
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ouch ouch ouch.
i'm treading carefully today as my heart hurts, but apart from this i've actually been a lot better than i expected. we weren't all that suited really, i just miss talking to him, i don't like losing people. but in a couple of months when it's all blown over i can probably start talking to him again normally. hopefully.
i'm heading off to essex and london for a couple of days, to see my cocoons. i return on friday when i promptly rush off again for an audition for alice in wonderland at the theatre festival in norwich, and then to a party on friday night. going to be out and about around the weekend too (keeping busy) but i will try and update. on another regular updating kick.
it has been really lovely having jade here, i just wish i could have been better company. i haven't really talked much or really done much at all, she won't want to come again ;)
love to everyone and a picture post soon i feel, lots of ongoing projects and whatnot.
thank you for all your support lately, i think it's my friends that are making this not really hurt 80% of the time.
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